Why Do Women Still Stay InAbusive Relationships?

“Woz…gbam…woz…my eyes…my ears…I’m going blind” were all I could pick from the noise emanating from the other flat. Oh not tonight! After what I went through during the day, this was the least I needed. I haven’t hada good sleep in days…tonight was supposed to make up for those sleepless nights. Well, I threw my nightwear on, peeped through and of course, I wasn’t mistaken. There he was, my neighbor Wale, beating the goodnessouttahis girlfriend or do I call her fiancée?But wait, at what stagedoes a lady become a fiancée sef? Story for another day.Wale and this lady have been together for quite some time and judging from what we see on the outside, they really are into each other. Their PDA would even shame Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, totally out of this world. You know thatkindalove that leaves you hugging your bed, cuddling your pillow and wishing you had what they have. Yeah, theygarrit.But these two have a problem. He won’t just stop hitting her. He hits her as much as he cares for her. Many nights, I have had to resist going in there to ask why he does this to her, but then,wetin be my own,make dem no com beat me join, so I simply turn up the volume of my TV and pretend I didn’t hear nothing. See no evil, hear no evil.So I tried talking to the lady about it this particular day, you needed to have seen the side eye she gave me, the “dem dey fight for backyard, e concern u look”. She pointed out firmly how she loves him so much and wouldn’t entertain such “aproko” from us. Apparently, others have been “poke-nosing” too. Too much for love! Hian!It’s so hard to admit, but some women are now so used to it. I once had a little chat withone and she shocked me. According to her, hitting her meant he loved her enough to correct her. I felt like dashing her slap! Biko, love now equates beating? How a supposed protector suddenly becomes a predator still beats me. Now, we all know women talk and could be sometimes annoying, but you should be man enough to handle her, isn’t that why she’s your woman?I have always wondered why women remain in abusive relationships. Why can’t we just walk away? The problem now isn’t that he abuses you anymore, it lies in the fact that you have refused to leave. We should value our lives enough to say No to an abusive relationship. Different reasons have been given for staying put in such relationships but hey, you think it is worth it?Dear women, people have said lots about it, writers have written, countless movies have been made just so you can see that abusive relationships don’t help you in no way, instead it takes away from you. If you are going through this, speak up, get help, it isn’t funny neither is it shameful. Our lives are precious, you are stunning, more than beautiful, whether you choose to believe it or not. Do not let a man make you lose your worth by abusing you.Do you know anyone going through this? Please feel free to share stories and don’t forget to spell out their reasons for still holding on. Have a beautiful day fam!

source: newsroom

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