It’s past midnight and I just woke up. I turned off my phones, shut out the world to Spa, Rest and Sleep. I woke up thinking it’s close to morning (my genetic church alarm bell) but it was just a little to midnight and I turned on my phones.
Surfing Facebook I saw a story, another sad story of a young woman killed in her prime #RonkeShonde by her husband who is on the run in a case of Domestic violence gone deadly this time.
Pictures detailing bits of her life and death floods the social media and the tragedy weakens me. Why!

The story is told that her nanny could not gain entrance into the house and heard her two kids crying through the window that they could not wake their mommy up. Alerting neighbors, they broke into the house to find Ronke with blood from her head. Ronke is dead.

My heart breaks into so many pieces.

For the kids young as they are to live through this ordeal, see this death and be left with the corpse of their mother is crazy!

That a woman yet again is killed in what is certainly an avoidable death makes me wish I could transfer strength to all the women in abusive relationships and marriages to RUN before it is too late. Ronke should not have died. Why didn’t she run? At what point did her strength fail her before this day? What manner of hope did she have to believe he can change? What made her stay?

Wedlock is NOT a padlock.
MRS is NOT a visa to heaven.
Staying is NOT a show of Strength.
Pain is NOT an expression of Love.
Marriage is NOT greater than Purpose.
I’m married is NOT a licence to Self-Worth
Not all Tolerance should end in Endurance.
JUST LEAVE!!!! And yes I love the movie War Room but please War Room your relationships and Marriages from Safety.
For society who reduces a woman’s worth because she is single or divorced and places pressure on staying married at all costs even at the expense of death..Shame on you.

For the Pastors who endorses abusive relationships in Marriages by quoting scriptures such as;
1: I hate divorce saith the Lord…
2: A wise woman builds her home….
Etc to blackmail the woman into deadly submission… Shame on you.

Cc @florenceozor

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