The Woman helper comes to ASSIST you, NOT TAKE OVER YOUR RESPONSIBILITY !- Keira Hewatch

This is EXACTLY Right! -I stumbled across this book recently, I didn’t read it but the title grabbed me straight away!
If you haven’t realized by now, that its REALLY a woman’s world, then take a minute and let me EDUCATE you.
We’ve been fed the “it’s a man’s world” line since eons unremembered, stuffed with this ideology in so many different ways and forms, even waxed musical over it.

But is it really???
What is a MAN?
WHO is a MAN?
Adam was a Man.
A man who was bold, brave, decisive, hard working, courageous, upright. (Or from what we understand of ‘A Man’, he was meant to be)
A man who didn’t know or realize he was lonely until another human showed up, difference was; this human didn’t have some attributes he did and he didn’t have hers.
Then all of a sudden, it dawned on him that he had been missing something, he had not connected with the other creatures in a way that would truly satisfy his body, mind and soul.
When ‘The Woman’ was given, she was SPECIFICALLY referred to as a ‘Helper’ for the MAN.
What does the word ‘HELP’ mean? Please correct me if I’m wrong…
-To assist
-to join in support
-to aid
In simple explanation: when someone is doing something, another person joins in, that’s helping… Its not that when the other joins, the first one drops and steps back. NO. You are already at work, the helper comes to ASSIST you, NOT TAKE OVER YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!
This is first to POINT OUT the fact that a LOT OF MEN feel like they are doing some girl a favor by Marrying her! NO BRUH, SHE did YOU the favor! If we really want to look at it that way! -Then, let’s talk about the fact that, from the second Adam said to the Lord “It was the Woman you gave to me (who made me do this thing you said we shouldn’t do)” …He gave the power of responsibility to HER, and since then, men have been fighting to literally TAKE THEIR BALLS BACK.
If he had stepped out and owned up to his mistake, rather than instantly point fingers and shift the blame unto her, maybe most of these Men won’t be Swagging about trying to show off their manhood against a woman all the time! It’s a man’s world??? THINK AGAIN! This is the tip off the iceberg that’s coming!

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