Relationship ; Identify yourself by wearing your wedding ring – Doktor Mofin

– – IDENTIFY YOURSELF ❗️? This Journal encompasses the essence of wearing a wedding ring, the extinction of wearing rings in our generation and the temptations attached to not wearing wedding rings amongst married couples. Ladies / Gentlemen, when you’re out in public and you see an attractive person ; the first thing you look at after admiring their features is their “ring finger” to see if they are taken or not. In that instant, something called Primacy in psychology occurs I.e a first impression perception is made and you’re most likely to be discouraged to pursue your interest because that person is taken but if that same attractive person wasn’t wearing a ring he or she is indirectly sending signals to the whole room that ” I AM AVAILABLE” which most times leads to temptation or unnecessary attention. • Personal Experience: I appeared in court with a friend of mine to show her support at her divorce hearing , she wept in the courtroom saying her first mistake was approving of her husband to move round lagos without his ring on. A lot of people may disagree but she blamed the issues in her married to the ring•
Apart from the sentimental reasons for wearing a ring ?, the ring serves as a banner, a poster, a bulletin saying back off I’m taken and I’m not here to mingle. In our generation we are so futuristic in our thoughts that some of us bend the guidelines earlier set by our parents to live life on the edge. Some couples sleep in separate rooms, treat themselves to threesomes etc.
The ring is mental reminder, a form of positive reinforcement to show people that I am married and for people to remind you that you’re married if you forget. Obviously there are the men or women who wear there rings at home and discard it in public ; there is no “control” or remedy for that, also there are some ladies ( Sidechicks) who don’t care if a man wears a million rings they will still date him. That fact that some couples don’t wear rings doesn’t mean there isn’t love or their marriage won’t work, some couples who wear rings are suffering and smiling. The dating pool will be less confusing and cheating-free if married people identified themselves.

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