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Ladies! Chaiiiii I hate that I have to post this, but I guess someone’s got to tell you. Your protective style is not like some storage container meant to preserve your hair until you’re ready to let it out.
Its called PROTECTIVE STYLE, note,style not mess. It’s supposed to protect your hair for a healthy hair growth and length protection, and you’re supposed to look and feel good in it.

It’s not a prison sentence for your hair.

So why do some of you have your hair in braids, cornrows etc for months on end, especially when it looks unkempt?

And don’t get me started on the smell, some of you walk around with your hair smelling like dead goats. I’m forced to think you have very bad friends or they’re just not bold enough to tell you or I guess for some of you they may be too afraid of your reaction if they do.

I sat in a car once with a lady, who was on her way to see her boyfriend. The repugnant smell from her hair was enough to cause anyone to faint. We weren’t friends , but I figured I just couldn’t let her go without saying anything; especially when she was on her way to see her boyfriend (poor guy, Chaii boys too suffer oh). So I found the most polite way of telling her she needed to wash her hair.

She had on kinky twists so I told her how easy it was for hairstylists to retwist the new growth and make her hair look new again; but she’d have to wash her hair first.

Thankfully she was too excited about getting a new hairdo to see through what I was getting at.

I’m not trying to be mean, but someone’s got to say something, you’re too pretty to walk around with your hair smelling the way it does.

It’s important to care for your hair whilst in protective style, that means regular washing,conditioning and moisturizing.

A lot of you don’t don’t care for your hair under protective styles and it’s why your hair is sometimes damaged when you take it out.

Ever wonder why you’ve been braiding your hair for years hoping it will help your hair grow, but nothing? Your hair has been the same length for years if not shorter?

I’m not saying you should go all out and do an Avocado Mask ,that would be too messy for your hair in a protective style,especially braids,cornrows and twists. But there are ways to care for your hair under protective style without messing up your style entirely.

With that being said here are a few tips on how to care for your hair under protective style.

Condition your hair : Wash your hair with a conditioner atleast once a week or two. (Usually for braids, kinky twists etc) Pat dry and moisturize with a few drops of olive oil, massaging into your scalp and entire braids. Don’t use heavy pomades that will cause build up that can only make your hair smell. (I know some of you have been putting lots of pomade in your hair thinking it’s good)

Cleanse your scalp : This is especially for those with styles that make it harder to reach your scalp. Most shampoos are thick and can be hard to reach your scalp and even harder to rinse out. By diluting the shampoo with some water you’re able to reach the hard areas and also rinse all the shampoo out when done.

Dry Shampoo: For those unwilling to get their hair soaking wet, you can try dry shampoo. Which usually just requires you massaging the product into your scald and patting dry with a towel. There are several dry shampoo brands on the market. Check out a few here.

Water : Yep, simple water. The best type of moisture for your hair is water. So get a spray bottle with some water in it and pray all over your hair starting from the roots to the ends.

Dont leave it on for too long: Seriously, on what planet is it ok to have your braids in for 6 months. And yes I’ve been guilty of that myself, well not six but a few months because the hair dresser told me it would be OK to. Although I washed , conditioned and treated my hair it still wasn’t right to keep my braids for so long. And this goes for all other styles as well. Because keep your braids in for so long can cause matting, locking and bald spots.

Follow any of these steps and your hair is guaranteed to be healthy and strong when you take out your protective style.

Now be a good friend and call your natural hair SISTA up and politely let her know, she needs to take better care of her hair.

And even on your own you need to be conscious of this, because it happens to the best of us.

Remember as always, it’s not just hair, it’s a way of life.

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