Nigerian Women on the Rise; Marriage IS A Union To Be Enjoyed And Not A Yoke To Be Endured

“There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise” – W.E.B. Dubois.I have noticed something refreshing about the Nigerian woman of today and from my observations, I see hope for the future of our daughters. What I have observed is ‘Feminism.’

Feminism is a ‘bad’ word in many places; not the least Nigeria, yet for those who reject feminism, it exists in the most unlikely places. Feminism is not confined to the conference rooms or the board rooms of Nigerian women’s NGOs. It is not necessarily emerging from the hallowed walls of universities and lecture halls. It’s not necessarily the preserve of highly educated, professional women.Feminism is the lives of everyday women who refuse to tow the line that has served them so unjustly for far toolong so they resist it; and they hold their heads high in the face of condemnation by those still held bound. The feminism I see is Nigerian women’s demands to be recognised as equally human.I see Nigerian women live their lives with purpose: striving to get an education, get a job (and be paid the full value of their contributions) or start a business; using their God-given talents and living life on their own terms.I see young Nigerian women reaching for the stars; young women who will not be denied in their quest for success and who will not hold back because they may be adjudged ‘unfit’ for marriage.I see Nigerian women who understandmarriage as a pleasing accompaniment to make life’s journey sweeter; not something to put the rest of that journey on hold for. And so theyapproach marriage with a clear head, akeen understanding of their role in the union and high expectations from the other party to meet them half way. To today’s Nigerian woman, marriage is a union to be enjoyed and not a yoke to be endured. I also see women who know when to walk away from a bad situation; knowing that a ‘failed’ marriage is not a failed life.I see Nigerian women embracing self-care and self-discovery, flourishing in their intellect, relishing their beauty and exploring their divinity. Women coming to the realization that their purpose cannot be fully realised if one bit of the puzzle is missing or askew.I see Nigerian women owning their sexuality

source : Victoria Nwogu