Imagination: When Your Crush Is Crushing On You

Dear Crush,Hi, how are you? Oh there really is no need for me to ask because I know. Yes, of course I know exactly how you are. You wondering why? Isn’t it obvious? Well this is the plain simple answer; I have the crushiest of crushes of all time in the history of crushing on you.Okay wait, where do I start? Ehrmmm…let’s see. From the very first time I set my eyes on you and I could already envision our wedding even though we haven’t said as much as ‘Hi’ to each other, then to the time I was just hoping and wishing that you’ll at least begin to acknowledge that I even exist on the surface of this earth.When you now finally decided to start to see me it was like I was awarded a lottery worth millions of dollars or even more, then I got to even know your full name and all hell was let loose. I began to search for you on every social media platform possible and as a matter of fact I found you and started my ownshow called “keeping up with the crush on social media”. Don’t be surprised or even shocked at all o, it’s just one of those things and it happens every day, but you have to admit that I did a better job finding you on those platforms in a short while than any FBI would have.Well, back to what I was saying… So that was the beginning of my expedition. I started hearing your name in sentences that weren’t even related to you at all and seeing your face in people’s and in places I knew deep down that you would never be in but in my mind you were practically every where. There is this saying in this part of the world that, “When your crush is crushing on you it’scalled imagination.” Well my own imagination is really powerful, I believe strongly that in time you’ll start crushing back and when you do,mehn, let’s just say I already have prospective dates for our wedding in my head.Your very own,Crush Of Life.

source : newsroom