I Am Going To Have Another Child For Him; Actress Monolisa Chinda Talks About Her Amazing Love Story With Hubby Coker And How She Broke The News To Her Daughter

Nollywood actress Monalisa Chinda was unveiled as the cover star for Genevieve Magazine’s May 2016 issue.In the magazine she spoke about her amazing love story with new husband Tonye Coker, how she broke the news to her daughter and life as a single mum in Nigeria See excerpts below.

On Women And The Pressure To Get Married: Your man will come as long as you are not looking at what makes other marriages work. Do not be fazed by people jumping down from the moon forthe sake of pre wedding shoots and think yours has to be like that. Yours can be in the farm. Look at the substance that makes the man and not the theatrics. I didn’t do a pre-wedding shoot because I think I am too old for pre-wedding shoots. I made mine unique in my own way .


On Life As A Single Mum In Nigeria: It is a bit of challenge when you have to do everything yourself. You do your school runs, put on the generator, you cook, go to the stores all by yourself. If your mother is not there to give you advice, you advice yourself or talk to God and for me the Holy Spirit was always guiding me.Marriage is always a better option for any woman who is single in this country. Forget 30, once you attain 35 and counting, men in this country call you a dead engine. In your presence they might pretend to admire you but once your back is turned they are cursing you. The way mature single women are treated in this country is traumatic. If you see a post on a successful single woman, majority of the comments are “Go and marry!” But are they going to marry themselves ? At the same time, women should be open minded about marriage.

On Having Another Child: I am going to have a baby for him, he deserves it.

How she knew she had Found The One:I wanted to know more about his character so I watched how he interacted with his family, God, the people around him and his personal business. All of these checked out and even exceeded my expectations. There was so much peace even with his family and friends. I had to give myself this peptalk “Monalisa you are not a child, you are in your forties what do you want? A tall dark handsome and wealthy man? You have seen all that.” I searched within my soul and honestly if this was not the person I would know deep inside. Even the people around me would tell me. For the first time I knew I had found THE ONE.



(Source: Genevieve Magazine | Photo Credit: Genevieve Magazine)

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