Grace To Grace; Read How A Maid Of Over 20years Finally Got Married And Celebrated By Imo State Governor

– A touching true-life story of Charity who had giving up hope of ever getting married since she was a “maid” but God turned around her captivity and gave a bone and honoured her beyond words courtesy the Owelle Rochas Okorocha family. From Grass turned Grace.


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A real life evidence of “Grass to Grace” was what played out in the life of Cha cha(charity) as she’s fondly called who served as a ‘maid’ to the family of His Excellency Owelle Rochas Okorocha, who helped raise all of the Governors’ 5 children right from childhood that two of them are now married, for whom they had to travel into the country to attend her wedding who Over 20years as being a part of the Gov.’s family and yesterday after even she had lost hope of marriage, was celebrated with the greatest honour ever, she was showered with gifts(A brand new car, 5million Naira, Home utensils, etc courtesy Nneoma Okorocha) His Excellency even performed a song for the couple as he stood there tear-eyed in between them. It was a real atmosphere of emotion, love and gratitude in honour of the couple yesterday. 



The Governor and His family had a special dance in honour and appreciation of Charity, who while giving His words, the Governor recollected that this “maid” cha-cha fondly called returned 29,000Dollars he misplaced after his campaign for presidency and charity found the said money and returned it to him after 6months the campaign period ran that he had even forgotten about the money, it was moment of deep reflection. #Charityhicenth2016 #maidturnedfamily 


Source ; Michael Omoboriowo

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