Each of us are going through something. If only we can show more empathy towards one of our own – Dabota Lawson’s Message To Tiwa Savage

from @dabotalawson  – Not very easy to ignore when the worst is spreading like wildfire and it feels like the world is coming down on you.
Someone is fighting a battle you’ve already won by Grace. It’s not enough reason to act self righteous and condemn another .
If anything I’ve learned a very BIG lesson. I sincerely have been overwhelmed by all of it . Jesus Christ !!!!!!!!!! Life can be a struggle. And at times it can be difficult to get through the day when faced with situations that leave you feeling empty, weary, and hopeless.
We can never know what a person is going through when looking in from the outside. We don’t know how many times they have prayed to God and feel their prayers are not being answered.

Nobody knows how many tears they’ve cried, how many times they’ve cried out to God for help. How much anguish, both spiritually and mentally, they have faced when their heart is grieved beyond comprehension.

Yes, we may see the beautiful pictures and smiles that tell a different story. But in the inside they are hurting. While the world never needs to know all your secrets. It should be kept between you and God. Never judge a book by its cover.

Each of us are going through something. If only we can show more empathy towards our own .
Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him (Job 13:15). No matter what troubles you, know God is a healer. Whatever you’re going through, know God is with you. He will never leave you or forsake you. Nobody is perfect Life may be hard. But Say to yourself, “Yet will I trust you God.” I’m really sorry @tiwasavage for all you’re going through right now. This too shall pass. Stay strong .

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