Beauty Tips; The Foolproof Way To Never Get Lipstick On Your Teeth

It is inevitable, that within minutes or hours, that bold lipstick will end up on your sparkly whites. Hopefully a pal is giving you the “sign,” as she rubs her teeth with her finger, nudging you.

Think the lipstick ending up on your teeth is unavoidable? An unfortunate instance that will just always have to occur? Think again.

What You Need
Your favorite bold lipstick
Clean fingers!

Now What?
1. Apply your lipstick and liner, creating your perfect bold lip look
2. Form a small ‘O’ with your mouth, leaving an opening big enough for your pointer finger
3. Place your pointer finger in your mouth until it touches your teeth and remove your finger

Why it Works
When you remove your finger from your mouth, you will notice a ring of color surrounding it. This ring of color is what would end up on your teeth!

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