A Blessed Wifey And Soni’s Little Girl – Betty Irabor

Soni’s little girl
In my 33 years of marriage, I can’t remember travelling without my husband driving me to the airport, checking me in, filling my immigration form and carrying my hand luggage which he hands to me at the point of departure where only passengers are allowed. I remember when he was commissioner in Edo state and I had to travel; he made all the arrangement to fly to meet me at the international airport to see me off and fly back but I assured him I could manage on my own.The only thing he has stopped doing is cautioning me not to accept any parcel from strange travelers. (Lol) I always feel like a school girl going back to college every time I travel because all I do is hang around while he does the travel protocol. Most times when he is done with filling my form he will ask me to sign. “Where’s your passport? He would ask and would normally add “be careful”. He would then hang around until I vanish into the airport.And when I arrive my destination, he is the first to call. Yesterday, when I arrived my destination and the phone rang; everyone teased; “that must be Soni” and it was.
Aren’t I just the most blessed wifey around? – Betty Irabor

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