5 reasons Tiwa Savage will bounce back in no time.

1. The success rate – She has enjoyed an incredible success level as a singer, songwriter and performer and whether we like it or not her demand today hasn’t dropped one bit in the market.

2. Independence – Tiwa has a troubled (or failed) marriage but after that what else? Does the Mavin singer lack in any other respect? Does being single make one an outcast? She’s successful in materials and non-material acquisitions, she has baby Jamil and the means to treat him good and as long as she has established that she is not the direct cause of the crisis in her marriage by virtue of the detailed, all-explaining interview which she granted on April 29, she is good.

3. Empathy – The way everything is currently set up, the singer will get the sympathy of the public and everything will wash away like pebbles on a sea shore. In clearer words, the current uproars will die a natural death before long because majority of the public can relate with her on the entire episode, even the biggest doubters will empathize. And that’s all that matters at the moment really.

4. Creativity – Tiwa is a strong woman and the world has seen just how much strength in character she has following the recent happenings. She has held on pretty fine, she just needs to dig deep into that creative sphere of her whole being and create more music.

5. Time heals everything – Tiwa might be 36, might have recently had a baby (and may continue as a single mother) but in truth she is anything but unappealing.

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