What Do You Do When The Voices In Your Husbands Head Tell Him Not To Trust You ?

What do you do when your significant other hears voices that tell him to break up with you? I’m not talking about his mother’s voice, either.  One woman had to deal with this dilemma and wrote thus…..

My husband is 14 years older than me. We have been married since 2009.
However, my husband gives me the silent treatment and it truly bothers me. For instance, for about two months he has been giving me the silent treatment, and it’s over the least little thing.
We lost my uncle on Christmas Day. So, the family was at odds over a few things. I was discussing something with my husband the next day afterwards. My husband flipped out on me in front of out-of-town guests. Yes, I was embarrassed. So, I told him that he didn’t have to worry about me discussing anything else with him. Well, that Saturday my husband stopped speaking to me and didn’t say a word to me for over a week, and we almost brought in the New Year like that. Trust me, I have thought about walking away.
Other than that, my relationship with my husband is for the most part really well. We hardly argue. My husband and I do have disagreements on some things about life such as the death penalty, which I’m not for it. Also, we are always doing getaways or mini-vacations. My husband gives me whatever I ask him for, if it’s within our means. Everyone loves our relationship, and looking in at it, we do look perfect sometimes. I inform family members that we are not speaking and they are shocked to learn this.
Normally when he acts up I ignore him. The longest silent treatment has been a week maybe. Once he breaks his silence he informs me that things tell him in his head not to trust me. However, he then informs me that he is working on not thinking crazy. I have never given him a reason to feel this way. I am getting very tired of his treatment. How do I handle his silent treatment? What should I do because I’m really getting tired of it? – Silent Treatment”
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