The AVERAGE Igbo Man is abusive, uncouth and has no respect for women — Victor Ibeh .

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The lady responded with equal fury and the guy kept mute after threatening to beat her up.
Now, the funny part of this whole drama, is that the
conductor was abusive to everybody. That same guy
threatening a woman asked for his balance and the
conductor responded like this ‘God go punish you,’
‘idiot’ ‘na who owe you change’ the guy couldn’t
respond. He was busy making explanations to the
conductor. I just dey look the guy with corner eye.
You see, the reason he spoke to the girl in that manner
was because she is a woman and he feels that she is
inferior to him.
This is the mindset of an average Igbo man. They
need a special kind of reorientation before they can
start thinking and talking well.
Btw this two instances are just isolated. I have seen a
lot. Even on social media, you need to see how Igbo
Men abuse women for saying their minds on certain
life issues.
If you are such an Igbo Man, repent!
My name is Victor Ibeh and I am Igbo.
Copyright, Victor Ibeh 2016

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