Should marriage be the next step after Youth service / graduation?

Should marriage be the next step after Youth service / graduation?
Which should come after graduation?: Marriage, Masters or job hunting? Based on surveys, Direct Observation and social media polls a lot of young Nigerian ladies who are still dependent on their parents for (shelter, food, clothing) and have little income will rather get married than pursue their masters or job hunt.

Is this a wise decision to make? get married or committed to someone without fully developing your potentials , getting years of work experience and adding extra academic credentials to your belt.

There has been an increase in young brides aged (22-25), most interestingly the urge for young ladies to get married has drastically increased as a result of Family pressures,wedding hashtag (#), wedding blogs, social media gratification, societal pressures. These factors have lit an unquenchable Fire in young ladies to have the title “Mrs” without thinking about themselves first or what they can bring to the table in the Union of marriage.
As a modern day Nigerian man and a professional in this field I can confidently assert that men are more attracted to women who have packaged and branded themselves very well, who can bring some form of financial and backup support to the table. If you notice the first thing your boyfriends parents always ask is “what do you do? Or what do you intend on doing next?” Most times the response given determines their approval of you.

In closing, this article doesn’t suggest that you won’t make a good bride without a job or masters, or your marriage progressing depends on your account balance or your doctorate / masters degree. A lot of people are married, happy and in love while even returning to school, starting makeup classes etc
Empower yourself first before commitment so you don’t have to depend on any man for daily / monthly handouts or pocket money. It’s the women who are financially down and occupationally inept that condone anything from their husbands because if they talk to much they won’t eat that night.


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