QueensCollegeGate; Old Girls, PTA In War Of Words

…As FG Panel Concludes Investigation Today
The Parents Teachers Association (PTA) and the Old Girls Association of Queen’s College, Lagos are currently engaged in a bitter verbal fight, each accusing the other of wrongdoing in the child molestation charges levelled against a Biology teacher in the College, Mr Olaseni Oshifala.
Things came to a head on Tuesday, when the Chairperson of the PTA, Mrs Beatrice Akhetuamen, told journalists that the accusation against Oshifala was a ploy by a faction of the Old Girls (led by Mrs Laila St Matthew-Daniels) to remove the principal of the college, and replace her with an unnamed Old Girl who is a deputy director in the Federal Ministry of Education.
“The old girls are about to have the principal removed,” Akhetuamen said, adding, “we learnt that they want to have her removed.
However, when Lagos Metro, on Wednesday, contacted Mrs Laila St Matthew-Daniels (who was also the Chairperson of a Fact-Finding Committee set up by the Old Girls to investigate the allegations against Oshifala), she described Akhetuamen’s statements as distracting and worrisome.
“I don’t even understand what is happening anymore,” she said. “This issue is under investigation. So why are they granting interviews? Why are they bringing in religion and ethnicity? We had a meeting the day after the story became known. We didn’t go to the press. It was the principal who, that Saturday, brought in a blogger, took pictures and then went on social media. So a meeting was called by the Old Girls, because once you passed through a school, it becomes your alma mater. The parents don’t own that name. At that meeting, for the first time in a long while, very old Queen’s College girls from the 50’s attended. Professor Grace Alele was present, among many others.
“We are worried that the man had been accused of sexual impropriety five different times. The principal said she had already investigated the matter. Who were on the investigative panel? The principal, the vice principal, The chairperson, Head Girl. How is that proper?”
Meanwhile a panel set up by the Federal Government to investigate the charges against the teacher is expected to conclude its work today (Thursday), and to make its report public next week.

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