Liz Awoliyi Takes On Bohemian Trend For The #ZAZAIIINFLUENCERSERIES

How would you describe your style?
I think my style is casual, chic. I have a few similar pieces in my
closet and I stick to the flattering styles. There’s nothing to avant-
garde or out of box. Day to day I wear loose fitting pieces, for more
formal outings I have a few structured pieces. I know my body so
well and know what suits me and I stick to it. I’m not very
experimental with new trends. I won’t wear something just because its
trending right now. I wear clothes that flatter and complement me,
only a few of us are truly blessed with the body of a goddess… lol.
So, over the years, I’ve learnt to accept and love mine, and focus and
enhance the good bits style wise.
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Role models:
Some of the people I consider mentors My mum, My mother-inlaw
Betty Irabor, Bola Balogun, Oprah
Best career advice:
Have multiple streams of income. (especially here in Nigeria)
What makes you feel glamorous:
Pencil skirts and heels.


What is your mantra?
Hard-works beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. It’s all about
putting in the work!
How does your work influence your style?
I’m surrounded by fashion, fashion stylist, stylish people, so although
I have my own personal style, I definitely get influenced. My job role
means I’m on the internet for hours on end so I get to see loads of
different style pages, I’m also constantly sent Lookbooks both from
local designers and international so I do pick fashion ideas up…

Upcoming Projects?
I’ve learnt not to let excitement make me announce things
prematurely, so I’m more patient now and only announce things when
they are fully birthed. There are a few things in the pipeline, so watch
this space.

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What do you cherish about your career and how far you have

I feel like a chameleon because I am constantly re-branding and my
career has allowed me to realise that I am multi-faceted. I cherish the
fact I have been able to dive into pretty much anything that excites
me, in one way or another.
Next Big Milestone?
I have my white wedding coming up in a couple of weeks, which for
me right now is as big as it gets…. Shortly after that I’ll be gearing up
for 100% entrepreneurship life and that’s very exciting.

Style go to uniform?
Loose fitting tops of any form and jeans, I love chiffon and silk tops
as they don’t cling to me, I am not a fan of anything too tight up top
for day to day. These days I’m all about comfort and find myself
wearing wedges, flats or trainers more often than not.

Staples for a bad hair day?
A wig! Lol, recently got into these but I wear it for 3 days and I get
tired, my husband isn’t a fan either, so I’m considerate. I have a few
hats for when my edges aren’t as laid as I’d like.

Things you love and hate about the media/entertainment

The perks are amazing trust me. I get loads of freebies from
businesses, free gifts, clothes, accessories, dinners, heck through my
job in the last few months I’ve been to South Africa twice; Durban,
Capetown, Jo’burg, as well as a trip to Barcelona.
The downside is that it gets overwhelming, sometimes it feels as
though there are no days off an I end up neglecting those closest to
me because I’m constantly wrapped up in something work related. I
am learning to balance this out though, its all about creating a
I also feel like the nature of the job allows for people to have the
wrong impression of one’s character as you can’t form a personal
relationship with everyone.
The perks certainly outweigh though…

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