Jumoke Olawode James talks about Tiwa Savage and Hubby, TeeBliz marital imbroglio

From my experience, managing Artistes (not booking agent o) is the most difficult thing. You can put in all your time and money and the Artiste won’t blow. And for no fault of yours. Some will walk as soon as they blow. Leaving you to count your losses.

From the information available in the public space today; Tee put everything into this Tiwa, she blew and he was comfortable in his zone. He wifed her and became complacent. Living a dream life and maybe even taking the future for granted. Oh some of us get caught in that web. You relax, believing that money will never stop flowing.
But, 30% (Manager’s cut) from 10 Artistes will make any Manager bigger than his Artistes. But the 9 others may just never be successful. He had demons, addictions. He stole from her. If he wasn’t her manager, he could buy her services for N3m and re-sell for N5m if his client can afford it. But he won’t be getting any percentage from her N3m. So what she claims he did, was actually stealing from her. Did she have to fire him, knowing he had no other source of income? She was justified but she was treating the symptoms. She acted like an Artiste, not his wife. She left the root problem, which was his drug addiction and alcoholism to treat his stealing from her. She didn’t see the bigger picture. He needed his earnings. He needed to be the provider to retain his manhood. She cut off the branch, leaving the tree well grounded.
He felt betrayed. He was betrayed, this was a woman he had put his everything into. He brought it on by stealing from her. But two wrongs never make a right. He felt emasculated and started cheating. I’m sure she not cooking for him wasn’t ever a problem until he became jobless. Now, he still wanted to be treated as the head of the house but he was no longer bringing home the cheese. Things got worse. They drew apart. But if you want to keep your marriage, you must be wife no matter what.


source; Naija hottest gist

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