I Once Forgot The Lyrics Of My Song While On Stage – Aramide

Soul music artistes in Nigeria are proving that they can also hone their craft and entertain better than the hip hop artistes. One of the fast rising artistes in the genre is Aramide. The passionate musician won the Best Female vocal performance at Headies 2015. The graduate of Political Science is a singer and songwriter. Signed to Baseline Music, she performs seamlessly with a guitar. Aramide,who has recorded a good number of songs and soothing tunes speaks to SAMUEL ABULUDE on her music and some of the defining moments of her career so far.2015 was a great year for Aramide what were the high points for you?2015 was indeed a great year for me. I had a whole lot going on. From song and video release to doing performances within and outside Lagos and to getting various award nominations like NEA, AFRIMA and the HEADIES.And then winning an award at the Headies for the best female vocal performance category. My career was very consistent in 2015.What does the HEADIES award mean to you?It means recognition and reward for hardwork. And of course, pushes you to work harder.Of all the songs you have recorded, which one is dearest to you and why?Truth is i Love all my songs. Some of them stand out but I still love them all.Why did you chose to do soul music?Soul music comes naturally to me because I grew up listening to alot of it. My dad used to play alot of jazz and afro beat in the house and I think that’show it stuck. And I also discovered other genres of music on my own and i fused them all together to create my sound.For how long have you been doing soul music and how was the beginning days and challenges?My music started in secondary school.Back then I used to write songs. I learnt how to play the guitar and it helped in my song writing. Music became real for me when I took part in the Star Quest talent competition. It was a very interesting experience for me and I knew I didn’t want it to end there. So after my university educationand NYSC, I moved down to Lagos to pursue my music career.I started by performing at open mics every opportunity I got. Then I got my first record deal with Trybe records and that was when my music became a reality. It wasn’t particularly easy because as at that time, the music industry wasn’t ready for the alternative sound. So more often than not I had to prove myself and explain my sound.About my music, I like to sings about love, betrayal, friendship, trust, and theattendant joys and aches of womanhood. I’m influenced by the music of Erykah Badu, Miriam Makeba,Sade, Angelique Kidjo and other.What has been your most memorable moment so far?My most memorable moment would have to be when Queen Salawa Abeni joined me on stage for a performance. I was shocked and felt honoured at thesame time.How did Baseline Music come across you and when was the deal signed?I heard about Baseline Music through a friend and I submitted my music andthe label loved it and I got signed.What are your plans for the rest of 2016?2016 has been a very busy year for me. I’ve been working so hard on my music and album which I intend to release this year. Also, I’ll be doing showcases, acoustic events, and lot’s of events and promotions for my music.Who is Aramide outside music?I’m chilled she laughs). I like my privacy and I’m a very reserved and friendly person.If you were not into music, what will you be?I’ll probably teach in schools I guess or be a writer. I love to teach.The video of ‘Love me’ featuring Adekunle Gold showed some betweenyou and the YBNL singer, are you truly in love as the song portrayed?Yes, I’m in love with my husband. The song Love Me is a love song. So adekunle and I did our best to interpretwhat love is and what it can be and how beautiful love is. The music videowas meant to show all of that and we had to make it as real as possible so people will understand and yearn for love as well.Is Aramide In a relationship?I’m very married!Which other collabos should we look forward to?There are some other collabos but i prefer not to say. It’s meant to be a surprise.What is your take on the music industry?The music industry in Nigeria is a growing industry. And it has come a long way.Have you had any most embarassing moment in life and career and kindly share it with us?There was a time I forgot lyrics to my own song on stage and I can’t explain how that happened. It was so embarrassing.What are 3 things people dont know about Aramide? I’m married that is one. Secondaly, I have an alter ego and thirdly, I love cooking.

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