I fantasise about working with Ebenezer Obey –Simi

Rave-of-the-moment Simi, in a recent chat with
Saturday Beats has revealed that it would be a dream
come true if she can have a duet with juju maestro,
Ebenezer Obey.
She said that she has idolised the veteran singer and
can’t wait to do a song with him.
She said, “If I am going to have a collaboration with
anyone in Nigeria, for Fuji, it will definitely be Pasuma
Wonder while for Juju, it will be Ebenezer Obey because
I actually fantasise about doing a song with him
because he is a living legend as well as King Sunny
The singer added that she does not see herself as a
celebrity and she still partakes in everything she did
before fame came knocking.
“Well, this is the real me that can still stop by and buy
roasted plantain by the road side; I don’t feel
uncomfortable, I am not blown away by fame because
that is not what excites me, what excites me is the
music. I am happy about my celebrity status only
because more people know my music and want to
relate with it,” she said.
Taking a trip down memory lane, she said that she has
always been a tomboy because she grew among three
“While growing up, I was kind of a tom boy because I
have three elder brothers, and from my mum I was the
only girl and the last born. So I liked wearing sneakers,
baggy jeans, and I was this bad girl who didn’t like too
much trouble. My dad spoilt my brothers and I. We
watched movies a lot, but my brothers preferred horror
movies so we all watched it together. But it was fun.
When I was nine years, my parents got separated and
that was a really tough time for us because we had to
grow up faster but we came through and we were
good,” Simi said.

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