Debo Adebayo talks with Tallulah Doherty about producing Organic baby food in Nigeria. Thinkers Tea podcast series #15

By Yommi Alake

This week on Thinkers Tea podcast, Tallulah Doherty introduces us to Debo Adebayo, CEO at Tomi’s Treats, producers of an indigenous Organic baby food.t

Mrs. Adebayo recounted in this talk how she stumbled on the idea of producing a Nigerian made baby food. She said ‘After I had my first child, I went to the shop and couldn’t see any Nigerian made baby food in the market and then I thought…hmmm there’s a gap here’.
Mrs. Adebayo then went on to complete her MBA programme in London where she then developed Tomi’s Treat as a baseline for a course in new product development. And there we can say that she presented mothers with the option of an Organic baby food they trust.
Having a background from the oil and gas sector. Debo Adebayo made a gradually switch to food production. A gradually switch it was, because at some point she still did apply for jobs in the oil and gas sector. But by some stroke of luck as she narrated, those jobs never came through but business proposals got approved in these period.IMG-20160401-WA0002

For a startup business, Debo Adebayo did talk about the challenges of getting the product out there, especially to the shelf in major stores and supermarkets. How patience yielded desired results for Tomi’s Treats. Like she says ‘Never ever ever give up’. Some really inspiring instances she shared on the podcast which will help us appreciate the challenges startups face in Nigeria and how Tomi’s Treats managed through.
With Tomi’s Treats, parents are able to achieve that healthy conscious lifestyle even for there babies. A total organic baby food in an era where organic and going green is the new trend. Tomi’s Treat won’t have picked a better time to drop such a healthy product into the Nigeria market.
Mrs. Debo Adebayo further talked about spirituality, family, and managing the home, kids and business.


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