Building Your Empire; 3 Ways To Turn Your Followers Into Customers

How’s your social media game?  Could it use a little work?
Social media is one of the elements that’s being used to gain momentum in business.  By taking the time to learn how to use it the right way, social media can provide you with an endless stream of prospective customers and profit!  Using platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can seem a little overwhelming, but with these three steps,you can start using it to build your empire!  Let’s convert your followers into customers!

Step 1: Conversations

Remember, they don’t call it SOCIAL for nothing.  Social media was created to make it possible to communicate with people.  Focus your social media activity on learning about your ideal customers, providing value, and having real conversations.
Notice what I didn’t mention?
Sales!  Social media isn’t the place to plaster your ads and bombard people with your products and services.  It’s a place to build relationships and share valueable information with your tribe.
Here are a few types of value that you can share via social media:
Inspirational Quotes
Articles (yours or those from other people)
Free tools and trainings that you’ve created
Discount codes
How to Posts (that educate your followers about your business)
Invitations to talk with you on the phone (FREE consultations)

Step 2: Collect

The second step in the process is to collect the email addresses of the people interested in your value in exchange for their email address.  WHY?  So that you can continue the conversation off line.
Think about how many times you’ve found a great resource on social media and then somehow get distracted.  You loved the content, but you can’t seem to remember the name of the page!
That’s why it’s so important to get the email address!  Using software like Mailchimp or Converkit make it possible for your readers to do this 24/7.  All you have to do is set it and forget it!  That’s automation.

Step 3: Convert

Last step, convert your followers into customers through consistent, valuable communication.  Now that you have the email addresses of your social media followers, you can communicate with them weekly (or a few times a month) and begin to build the Know, Like, and Trust factor.  As they begin to trust you more and more, they will start to click the buy button!
You can build a thriving business using the power of social media!

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