Thinkers Tea #14 – Leslie Okoye, Founder Cookie Skin Skincare

Written by: Yommi Alake


cookie-skin-41Tallulah Doherty had the most candid and in-depth interview I have listened to in a while with Leslie Okoye CEO of L’Okoye Cosmetics, creators of Cookie Skin (


Leslie Okoye talked about the Cookie Skin movement, how it was borne from her desire to create a skincare system that caters specifically to the needs of black women. Leslie says ‘I wanted it to be something that everybody worldwide can use’. And a whole lot went into research and testing, ‘I tested like 10 different manufacturers,’ she recalls.


I often wondered why a body cream would be named Cookie skin and Leslie talks about how that name came about on a beach in Tunisia. How she tried to stop her husband who was nibbling away at her legs while she was trying to concentrate. And he said to her ‘Well is it my fault, if you don’t have your legs in front of me. Your skin is just so fresh its edible, in fact you should call it COOKIE SKIN, because every woman should want to have skin so fresh that their husbands would be so attracted to them.” Leslie also wants to educate women on skin health and maintenance, she says ‘I am trying to target the woman that doesn’t even understand the meaning of sun damage, the woman that doesn’t understand that using hydroquinone and the wrong product can burn your whole eye area’. Leslie is one passionate skin care creator that truly understands the needs of the skin of African women.


I spoke to a few friends and the testimonies of fresh skin is quite overwhelming after consistent use of Cookie Skin, especially those who adhere strictly to the directions of how it should be used. Leslie also states in the interview that “good skin is not a bleached skin, the health of the skin is the fact there are no spots or blemishes, it’s the fact that you don’t have excess dull dead skin, that’s what makes it beautiful’.


Leslie also shared some insights for women in business who might need advice on how to grow their start-ups. She touched on start-up capital in business, and how you do not necessarily need millions to get things rolling. She said ‘I just started small then grew from there’. ‘if something scares you… do it’.


Women who strive to strike a balance on how they manage being a mother, a wife and a business owner will have a thing or two to learn as Leslie shares her tips on how she successfully juggles her home and business life. She also brushed on her health and wellness programme known as the 40-40-20 programme (40% diet, 40% exercise and 20% supplements). And so much more to hear from this in-depth talk with Tallulah Doherty.

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