Stop the arguing for good ; 10 ways to ease out tension in a relationship

You and bae have been arguing for 14 days straight, and are literally one argument away from killing each other. No matter what, you all can’t see eye to eye, can’t stop being petty, and can’t stop the madness. So what do you do? More arguing may end in homicide, but just up and stopping the arguments doesn’t seem possible. Because you aren’t the first couple to argue profusely, stopping isn’t truly impossible. Here are ten things you all can do to stop the madness and rekindle the flame.

1. Hug it out
Get really close to each other, and hold on tight. Don’t say anything, don’t think anything. Just enjoy each others space, and remember it is possible to do so without arguing.
2. Give compliments for a day
Just because you’re arguing doesn’t mean you completely hate each other. Stop focusing on the bad, and acknowledge the positives for once.  Give nothing but compliments, no complaints for an entire day, and see how good it feels to move away from the negative, and actually embrace each other.
3. Give each other space
Maybe the reason you all are driving each other crazy, is because you’ve had too much of each other. If that’s the case, leave each other alone, and take the time to miss each other. After a couple of days of no arguing, and ample space, it will make it easy to revisit, and solve the problems you all had.
4. Date night together
Another good way to focus on the positives, is to go out on a date, and forget about the issues just for a while. Have a drink, have fun, and laugh; give your mind a break from the stress.
5. Have a night out with friends
Maybe a drunk night around all of your annoying friends, will make you appreciate your significant other a little more. If not, it will at least temporarily redirect your energy to something other than bickering. Go out with your friends and recalibrate.
6. Have makeup sex
The intimacy from sex, and physical touch, can be just what you all need to bring you other closer, and clear the air of any drama. Put your differences aside, and rekindle the flames. Be close to each other, feel each other, enjoy each other.
7. Be quiet and just listen to each other
When you get in a cycle of arguing, its also easy to get into a cycle of not listening, and blowing off everything they say as negativity. Instead of blocking them out, or talking over them, shut up and let them get everything off their chest. Let them know that even though you aren’t seeing eye to eye, you respect them enough to hear them out.
8. Spend time without talking
Arguing requires a lot of talking. Give it a break, and spend time without saying anything. Just enjoy each others time and presence, and let the quiet bring you all closer.
9. Cook together
There’s nothing like a team activity to remind you working together is possible, and all of the bickering is senseless. Team up in the kitchen to recreate that team bond you all have been missing.
10. Turn the music all the way up and dance
A good dance, is like a good workout; the adrenaline from both, is known to put people in better moods. Turn the music all the way up and dance with each other, fast or slow, until you are exhausted. Let the music drown out your worries.

So, before you go choke your significant other out, try these ten ideas, and I’m sure by number 3 tension will begin to ease up.


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