Should you really be on Tv or Radio -MPW Podcast Series Ep1

So you want to be in the media limelight? you want to be the new phase of T.V? The most sort after voice on radio… But why???
On this official first episode of the MPWpodcast series, Tobechi Nneji goes through a few reasons people generally have for becoming media personalities and attempts to help you honestly answer the fundamental questions. “Should you really be on TV or Radio”.
In this talk, Tobechi walks you through a self assessment test that should help you to honestly see through yourself and possibly help make up your mind about the media industry.
So can your nice voice be all that is required ? … That u talk a lot, does that guarantee you been a success as an OAP?
Issues as this and more that broods on the mind, is what Tobechi talked about extensively. Things you need to consider before you decide.
‘For a media person, I think the most important personality trait is accessibility and warmth’, Tobechi said. As she talked on personality traits that stands you out in the broadcast industry.
Listen in on the full audio by clicking on th link below. Errrrrmmmm don’t fret it’s just about 11Mb of your data… and I promise you, it’s more than worth it!


Click link to listen & download


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