Premarital Sex ; Is it a game changer ?

If you’re contemplating on whether or not to give it up, then you obviously want something more than just sex. While some may think that it’s cliché to wait ninety days or until you’re in a committed relationship, others beg to differ.  Some believe that you won’t get the ring if you give it up too fast, but does it really matter?

Many sustainable relationships have developed from abstaining from sex while others have been known to engage in the act and also have lasting relationships. It depends on the circumstances in both cases.  Both men and women have been known to practice celibacy as a way to understand their partner on a deeper level, spiritually, mentally, and physically. It allows more time to focus on the spirit and not the flesh.

The truth is that premarital sex can make or break any relationship. A man, as well as a woman, knows exactly what they want from you the moment they interact with you, but the determining factor can be sex if that’s all they’re looking for in a relationship.   While some  can wait it out and appreciate all that you have to offer, others will not, and will usually cut all communication soon as soon as you let them know where you stand on the issue.   Telling your partner things such as you’re, ‘looking for more’, or ‘waiting for the right time’ can leave you single and waiting for the right person which isn’t always a bad thing.

Sex isn’t something to be taken lightly, but can be beneficial for the person that doesn’t follow societal norms. There’s no rule stating that a man or woman won’t marry you because of your promiscuous past. Not everyone judge and some can accept that each of us has a past and is still learning to make better decisions. The goal is to live your life according to your own rules.

Sex should not be used as a tool to keep one’s interest. If a person isn’t interested, no amount of good sex will keep them there. One may be used out of convenience, but that’s all. There must be something else to engage your partner after sex has ended.  What morals do you possess? Are you family oriented? Is a relationship possible? I have heard men say that they have married women that gave it up on the first day, as well as women who say they waited for the full ninety and in each case circumstances were different. It takes a mature individual to be able to separate sex, and emotions.

Looking from the outside in, it may seem a bit difficult for two good looking people to withhold sex because of their morals, but sometimes your morals are what keeps you from a lifetime of misery.  We live in a world where sex is very accessible to both men and women in multiple ways. Some ask what’s so special about it, but exclusivity has real value. A person takes pride in anything that’s worth having.  If it’s easy and takes little effort, then there’s no purpose


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