Nigerian women relationships ; You Got The Ring, Now What ?

You’ve been patiently waiting for him to turn over a new leaf, stop cheating, and be all about you, but a commitment seemed far from reality until he finally popped the question and decided to make you number one. What you’ve been begging for all these years has finally happened, but you still feel the same. You’re not on cloud nine, and there’s no silver lining because you realize that you’re now signed up to deal with his crap forever.
When a woman decides to marry, or stay in a relationship with a man that conveniently settles with her, the realization sets in that you accept him for who he is and the baggage that he brings to the table, thus you shouldn’t complain. All of the late night text messages, phone calls, Instagram thotties, etc. are now a part of your life on a permanent basis because he knows you’re not going anywhere. In the past, you’ve learned to adjust as he expected, but what happens after marriage. Is there such thing as respectful infidelity?
Just because a man doesn’t blatantly date other women or lets you know about it, doesn’t make it any better. Cheating is cheating, no matter how you try to explain it. Whether a person is cheating because of sexual interests, poor communication, or lack of appreciation, they’re looking for something or someone else, and it’s not you!
Why do we stay, go back, and ask questions that we already know the answer to? Why are we content with it? Yes, a man could just explain to you what he’s looking for so you can accommodate him, but how many are willing to that? He knows how you tick, and he’ll use it to his advantage. I’m sure, if given the opportunity, plenty of women can solve their man’s infidelity issues by personally trying to please them, but cheating is mental. While sex is usually one of the main reasons, it’s not always the reason. Emotional infidelity is sometimes used to help a cheater cope in their relationship also.

While the saying may ring true that cheaters never prosper, you can never get time back. A cheater will make you believe that all men are the same when in fact that isn’t true. Everybody’s got baggage; you just have to decide which type of situation you’re going to deal with. Just know that good men still exist, and they are willing to be with you and only you, but you have to know your worth. You can’t change a man , or make him want to be with only you, if that’s not what he wants to do.


photo credit ; Seyi Law
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