Court Grants 800 Records an injunction against Debie Rise

A Lagos High Court has granted an injunction against upcoming musician, Debie Rise from doing anything musical related.
The injunction is as a result of the suit filed by 800 Records against Debie for breach of contract.

The injunction granted by Hon. Justice Candide-Johnson restrains Debie Rise (Olurishe Deborah Ebunoluwa) from carrying out any activities as a recording or performing artist. The order prohibits her and her agents or representatives from recording, releasing, distributing any composition, song or musical works.

It will be recalled that Debie Rise asked to be released from her contract after heavy investment on her. 800 Records asked her to consult her lawyers and also sent the record of expenses expended on her, with series of correspondence exchanged between her and their solicitors L & A – Legal Consultants. Debie abandoned her contract and continued to carry on like it was a ‘weightless’ piece of paper.

It is to this end that 800 Records is determined to see this through to a logical legal conclusion. The record label refused to join issues with Debie Rise on social media, apart from one solitary public notice they issued warning the members of the public from dealing with her without their consent and authority. According to 800 records, “we seek legal redress and interpretation on what has transpired between 800 records and Debie Rise, as the case is in court, we will speak no further.”

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