Coolfm OAP Freeze Uses Girl As Scape Goat To Drive Is Point On Cyberbullying

From @daddyfreeze- LETS ALL STAND AGAINST CYBER BULLYING!!!! Because of my last article, this woman called me a yellow crayfish. Can someone please describe how she looks. What shade of crayfish is she? Is she any darker than I am?Do you know that if I weren’t as confident as I am in my colour I would have been tempted to Tan? It’s not right! People should feel free to make comments or suggestions on my page without being insulting or like this woman, outright uncouth and horribly vulgar! Do you guys remember the Disney animation ‘the little mermaid’ she looks like the bleached version of the octopus sea witch ‘Ursula’. And look at those eyebrows meeen. Guys you dey try putting up with this kind of a woman.


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