Condoms can protect you from sexually transmitted diseases but they can’t stop spiritually transmitted diseases


Condoms can stop Sexually Transmitted Diseases(STD’s) but it cannot stop Spiritually Transmitted Diseases(STD’s).Every time you sleep with someone there’s an exchange of Spirits.Did you know Evil spirits and demons can be sexually transmitted.?Many don’t know this, others do but live in ignorance.LIFE IS SPIRITUAL.

Well you ask can someone have as many demons as there could be?Emphatically yes.Mary magdaline had 7 demons removed from her by Jesus(Mark 16:9),reading from Mark 5:9 at the Country of Gerasenes Jesus met a demon possessed man who lived in the tombs, Jesus asked the man what is your name,the man said Legion for we are many. Now scholars have done their research and have predicted that a Legion is a number between 3,000 and 30,000.My Lord can you imagine all that in just one person!


So beloved, let the word be the standard in your life,when you give yourself fully to the word of God you will be master over your flesh, you will not commit adulterous acts because you are conditioned by the word. Sex came from God not Satan, God made sex for marriage, you are qualified to do it with whom you are legally married to.Satan has corrupted many and made them think that sex is a business just like any other entrepreneur,what a shame.Now that you know better stick to the word fill your life with the word of God, you don’t become of less value just because you are a virgin, NO! The fact that Jesus died for you and took your place that tells you how valuable you are, believe.
If you have been practicing sex before marriage and you are a Christian and now you are thinking what do I do?It’s simple,ask God to forgive you and then go for the word, if you have been practicing it with whom you are not legally married to you don’t need forgiveness you need Remission, in other words you need to be born again(Inbox if you are such a person I will lead you in that prayer of Salvation)

God loves you and always wants the best for you. Have a beautiful day ahead.


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