Thinkers Tea series #12: CEO of Smart Money Africa, Arese Ugwu talks financial management with Tallulah Doherty

written by: Yommi Alake

This week’s episode of Thinkers Tea introduces to us another young Nigerian mind who is doing phenomenal work in the financial sphere. This in depth interview Tallulah Doherty had with the founder of Smart Money Africa (, Arese Ugwu, is definitely someone every young Nigerian should make time for.
More so because we are a youth population that thinks very little of financial Management. Like Arese herself pointed out in her talk, we are the consumer generation. Often time we spend more than we earn!
Arese Ugwu is doing pioneering work by even attempting to talk financial management with the Nigerian youth population. When I listened more to what she had to say, I realized that she isn’t one of those financial GURUs (Yes I said GURU, even if she might not like it) that would ask you to do away with designer goodies we all enjoy, but instead gives practical tips of how to treat yourself but still save enough for a rainy day.
Herself a big fan of Coco Chanel, she seeks to educate us about balance, a rewarding balance at that, she’s pretty good at breaking down complex financial matters into simple nuggets we can all grasp. In this talk Arese touched on something I personally consider a way of life for most of us especially women; SAVING TO SPEND!
Arese talks about how most of us save towards short-term goals, such as saving for a car, rent or saving for a holiday. But she opined that if you save only to spend and not actually build wealth or buy assets that would provide income in the future. Then you’re saving up towards a problem, you become a revolving door for your money!
Arese Ugwu had so much to talk about in this podcast with Thinkers Tea, she emphasized the importance of business literacy especially for women. It’s an interview that will change your view on how you interact with your money and will help you acheieve your financial goals.
Arese also talked about mentor relationships and the best way to use these to accelerate your personal goal. She shared with us a bit of her relationship with her Mentors, Tara Fela-Durotye (CEO HOUSE OF TARA) and Bolanle Austen-Peters (CEO TERRA KULTURE). She spoke about how mentorship should be an organic relationship, where you just do not look to develop yourself but also have some sort of value you can bring on board. Challenge yourself to always bring value!
You get to hear all this directly from Arese Ugwu, do click on the link to listen and let us know what your thoughts are about financial management for women via your comments.
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