Thinkers Tea #12 – Tope Omai, CEO of Mystiquee Bespoke Perfumery

By  Yommi Alake

tope omai

A number of time you might have found yourself spraying different perfume brands at the same time just so you could smell unique- a lot of us do. Tope Omai, talked about how she moved from mixing different perfume together to get her own unique fragrance, to someone who went on to the school of perfumery in France (the study of fragrance) and now has a growing business in Lagos Nigeria. All she does is create the fragrance that suits an individual. Talk about wearing your own fragrance!

This week on Thinkers Tea, Tallulah Doherty sat with Tope Omai, CEO of Mystiquee Perfumery showroom(  whom at some point in her formative years had to deal with the ‘smell good, smell different’ syndrome. But unlike a lot of stories you know around you, this is one woman whom time and chance had helped transform a desire into something of note. She has not just made it a point to herself to always smell good over the years, she has gone further to create her own fragrance!

She creates fragrance from raw materials, skilled in the art of extracting fragrance from plants, flowers and the kinds to create fragrance that represents personality and individuality, also create fragrance that evoke certain emotions. Talk bespoke perfumery, talk Tope Omai. She has really done well for herself and her story will surely inspire you on different fronts.

You will find out how the interest you show in something and the passion you wrap around what you do can move you away from the oil and gas sector to becoming a perfumer! Tope talked about the challenges of being a startup in our society and the very challenges that comes with being a female entrepreneur, it’s an inspiring talk Tallulah had with Tope Omai, you can listen in from the link below.

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