‘Nigerian Women Diary seeks the perfect Valentine Story with Valentine Retold Competition

The Valentine season always come with its own share of stories and tales. Often times it is asked what the real Valentine Story is, what got us all into the frenzy of the RED season. Well whatever that REAL story might be, a lot of us do not care to know. As a matter of fact in this part of the world what we care about is our own story! Our own very gist…who said our individual story can’t be the perfect Valentine fairytale? Who said our individual stories can’t be told in different languages and Retold all over the world. So dear family and friends if you feel your Valentine story is deserving, if you believe your story, your love story can win likes and invite comments, then join the train, tell us that story in the Valentine Retold competition.

To participate in the Valentine Retold competition. Post a pic of you or that of you and your boo… accompany it with your love story (stories must be real pls) tag and follow @nigerianwomendiary @kravinsdessert… once we ar convinced of ur entry we would update your story on our page. The story with the highest number of likes would receive a Valentine present courtesy of Nigerianwomendairy and kravin’s desserts entries close on Monday night (10h Feb 2016 by 11:59pm)

Voting close on Sunday 14th Feb 2016 by 11:59pm


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