Nigerian Women Diary Beauty ; The Ten Beauty Commandments

Have you ever met someone who is completely ignorant to wearing makeup that even a good Youtube tutorial can’t help them? How about someone who tells everyone that they’re a makeup artist but in reality, they don’t know the first thing about proper application.

If you a novice at all things Beauty, or maybe need to brush up on the basics, here are ten beauty commandments you should stick to.
10 – Thou shalt use no other foundation color, other than their own.

9 – Thou shalt blend out all harsh lines.

8 – Thou shalt not go lighter than three tones, with highlight color.

7 – Honor thy natural contour

6 – Remember to moisturize daily

5 – Thou shalt drink water daily

4 – Honor thy eyebrow shape, and remember they are sisters, not twins

3 – Thou shall always prime before application for flawless finish

2 – Always blend foundation onto neck to avoid make up mask

1 – Honor thy beauty technicians

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