Nigerian girl gets global recognition with her “Hijab chick Barbie.”

Hannefah Adam, schooling in the UK is now a celeb overnight, all thanks to her dolls nicknamed “Hijarbie” which has taken Instagram by storm. The Barbie doll – who even has her own IG account ( @hijabchickbarbie ) – was thought up by Hannefah when she went to study in the UK. This was because she noticed a lack of diverse toys for little girls and wanted to introduce a modest dress doll to the market. .

Hannefah, 24, a fashion designer, told Style Mic: “It got me thinking about how I’d actually like to see a doll dressed up like I would have – covered up.” Hannefah makes all of Hijarbie’s outfits herself. She draws a lot of inspirations from her own outfits……

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