Actress Rukky Sanda Donates Fans To The Children’s Ward At Lagos Teaching Hospital For Valentine’s

from @rukkysanda  – I want to give a big shout out to these beautiful amazing doctors & Nurses at the D2 children’s ward in LUTH and every other amazing doctor/nurse/individual that has dedicated their lives towards saving lives, esp the those working in the govt* teaching hospitals… Wow! What more can I say? May God bless ur hearts and fill ur homes with joy, favor, happiness & bliss cos it’s not easy doing what they do and for that reason I applaud them greatly. It’s funny last Tuesday for some reason my niece was sent there from a private hospital (she’s perfectly fine now by d way) so I had to visit her & spent an hour there which made me a lil sick for d past couple of days…


No ventilation, ppl had to buy their own personal table fans upon admission. Something had to be done & I decided to donate and install fans to d whole ward which I did today in addition to getting toys & activity books for d kids & gift hampers for Ds beautiful nurses & doctors working in such harsh & uncomfortable conditions… Ok this is getting long & I’m tired of typing Ds story. Bottom line is the ward I visited is just a tiny little fraction of the general children’s ward* Tz 4 floors and I did one. That building is only a tiny little part of LUTH and LUTH is only a tiny little part of the rest of the govt hospitals in Lagos let alone d country. I did the little I could today and it’s definitely in my top priorities to do more every single time I can but together we can achieve greater things. The little u give and do goes a long way. It’s high time we stop yelling govt*** cos if it’s by our voices being heard a lot of things should be in order by now in this country. It’s time we as individuals, not only celebrities it’s time we all start to lend a helping hand and together we will achieve #Greatness. God bless u guys, happy14th…?

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