Actress Juliet Ibrahim Celebrates Her Mum As She Adds Another Year


from @julietibrahim  – 30 years ago this beautiful ageless beauty gave life to me and ever since then she has never ever given up on me. Through the wars, through the hustle, struggles , heartbreaks, temptations and pains of being on her own raising 4kids she still fought hard and made sure her children stood out and grew into amazing kids that she’ll be proud of someday! Disappointment was never a set back for her. I saw you stand and fight rebels ; get shot at by Civil war Rebels just to make sure ur kids stay alive; I recall every single moment and one day we will tell our story.


When I told her, I wanted to be an usher, a receptionist ,doing modeling or acting ;she never questioned ;she would rather drive me to auditions back in the day and wait around to drive me back home if need be! She believed in my vision and dream to become a superstar someday! Today im proud that I have been able to put this smile on your face and you are able to sit back and relax as well as enjoy the fruit of your labor. The best is yet to come as you remain my prayer warrior and highest supporter and greatest fan ever. I love you and I appreciate you for all you have done for my siblings and I and all we can do is celebrate you to the whole world! This picture was taken only yesterday and you still look like a sweet 16. ?? my #wce my mother and my role model. @sheibrahim I love you and I wish I could do so much more to make you see I appreciate you;I’m just glad I’m able to do the little I do. God richly bless you and may you grow agelessly beautiful ,wise ,stronger and stronger as ever. Amen

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