5 Ways To Build Your Social Media Influence

Here are 5 ways to keep your social media audience engaged with the content you put out.

Start With What You Know – Followers respect experts. They are trusting you to know your stuff. Don’t make it hard on yourself. Find your niche and stick to what you know.
Be Consistent – Post regularly. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should flood your followers’ timelines. Posting once a day or a few times a week across all of your social media platforms is enough to keep your audience engaged.
Duplicate Engaging Posts – Clicks, likes and comments are sure indications of what your audience is interested in. If you notice that your followers engage with a certain type of post more than others, then create more of that type of post. Do not force content on your audience. Stick with the stuff they like.
Stay True To Your Brand – Not everything will work for every audience. If your favorite “instagram comedian” gained a million followers in 6 months by posting funny skits of himself in a wig, don’t be so quick to follow suit. Especially if your brand has nothing to do with comedy (or wigs). You may end up tarnishing your brand by trying too hard.
Post Quality Content – Everything including photos, videos and linked articles should be of quality. You can’t build an audience without quality content.

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