Vera Sidika Gives Ladies Sexual Tips On How To Keep Their Man In 2016

In the twilight of last year, the Kenyan socialite ,Vera Sidika posted the above picture on her IG page, with the caption: “I Love my thongs army green like I’m going to war! Ladies, the year is coming to an end and you better be the only thing on his mind come 2016!
Get that game on and ride him like if your life depends on it. Suck it like a baby on a milk bottle (inseparable). Then try something different, don’t do the normal bed routine, mix it up! Make use of the bathroom, couch, floor, kitchen counter,take advantage of that space! .
Try switching sex positions too, try the reverse cowgirl, move to electric slide, then the Python, and finish with doggy style. In the AM, prepare breakfast in bed for him. Put up a show he’ll remember for the rest of his life!!! Make a niggah R.I.P (Rest In P$$sy) #RichSex. Best New Year’s gift u can give your man.

source #instablog

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