The Marathon : Ayo Van Elmar Talks About The Attitude For Success As A Young And Daring Entrepreneurer

The Ayo Van Elmar brand is one that is sure to strike the highest chords in the contemporary fashion industry in no time, and its founder and Creative Director; Ayo Elizabeth Olaogun is not losing steam. In the following piece she bared her mind on what fuels her. It makes for great reading which would definitely spur you to get on your A game.

If you ask me to lay on my back, close my eyes and think about Ayo Van Elmar, the company, where I am a co-funder, I see myself in a running suit, on the track of an endless marathon that is going to last a lifetime, sometimes the track leads me up into the mountains, and I’ve got a bottle of water in my hands, strong and fearless and the roads are perfect, the sunshine is just on point. Not too harsh.



I can hear my footsteps as they hit the solid ground, I feel alive. And sometimes, the tracks are rocky, it is cold and it is snowing, I can hear the hailstorm coming, and I almost feel it on my back. I keep on moving.

This is how I picturesquely describe what it is, and how it feels to build a brand; a brand with eternal dreams which are principled on goals and values. How often do you halt to ask yourself how long your marathon is going to last?

Will it last some few hours, some days, months or a lifetime?

Success is fueled by time. Consistency, patience, perseverance and hard work are inseparable elements. If you are zealous enough or willing to be in that chosen field (or its related branches) for a lifetime, I guess you aren’t ready to be successful.

“Legends don’t fail or fall out. They keep on moving”. Moving doesn’t always mean that you have to run;

you may have to slow down sometimes to catch your breath or even sit still for a while, before you keep on running.

When you take a look around you and you see other runners, be careful that your sight is not glued onto their glory, always remember that grief often precedes glory, that pain often paves the way for pleasure and trials often take the lead and triumphs follow.

Ignorance is not an excuse in the 21st century. Wisdom and understanding are hidden in experience.


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Source ; The News Insider

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