Signs You Need To Kiss That Bra Good Bye

How do you know a dead bra? read the 9 signs below:

1. When your bra band rides up even after wearing your bra on the tightest hook. Rather than your bra band laying flat horizontally at the back, it forms an arc.
2. When the elastic is so stretched out that it doesn’t bounce back anymore. Your entire palm can go in and out. Lol.

3. When the cups, especially molded cups, are saggy and have no shape any more. You don’t want the bump stories.
4. When the bra is discolored.

5. When the stitches are ripped, or when the band or cup has holes in it (this one goes for panties as well)

6. When underwires poke out or break

7. When the hooks are broken

8. When your bust is drooping and your bra no longer does its job. Your boobs won’t look youthful at all. If this is your case, forget it, no cloth will look good.

9. And when they generally begin to feel uncomfortable, you know it’s time to change them and put them to rest.


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