Love Gone Sour ; Kenyan Husbands Stabs Wife In The Face

Modern Kenyan Corps that gives security updates in Kenya, reported this some hours ago. The doctors are currently trying to remove the knife without aggravating the injury. No success has been recorded as of now.


Let’s Talk:

Marriages in this generation are bad epitomes of what it was intentionally created to be. If u think marriage is ur validation for a successful existence then u are silly. No pressure should make anyone rush into this. U go in with open eyes. As a woman, PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE. As a man, u LOVE A WOMAN WITH ALL UR HEART, LOVING THEM AS THOUGH THEY ARE THE WEAKER VESSEL. English isn’t hard. It’s simple. And by the way, say all u want, if a man tries me, that knife will be going through his mouth not mine. Nonsense. Even if u don’t consider me BeautyFULL, my entire body is complete and functional and I feel blessed and BeautyFULL. I don’t need u to validate that. Neither do I need u to disfigure me either. #notimeforBS  #Saynotodomesticviolence
by #Jbeautyfull

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