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By Eky Divine
Abortion is illegal and a very huge stigma on females who have experienced this so it’s usually funny to see gathered statistics on this subject area, as no one truly shares their pre and post experience of Abortion, women don’t even share with other women as much as you would imagine, however it is known amongst experienced and expert doctors that at least 90% of all sexually active females have gone through a D&C procedure at least twice and there is an increasing percentage of women who suffer from the unspoken truth .


Getting Pregnant is definitely a circle that CANNOT be broken. On top of your mind I bet you are thinking.. “well after menstruation is ovulation which provides the opportunity to get pregnant when you have unprotected sex, so what again is included in this circle”…Smiles….Yes my friend, you are pretty correct on that, however if there is any distortion to the circle, a risk is created. Now how do you know if the circle has been damaged, it’s not knowing what you have done or haven’t done right which in this case is worrying about a safe and sound Abortion, but it is first of all knowing what makes up each element of the circle, then you can avoid certain things from breaking the circle, in this case again, -Abortion.
Dilatation & Curettage is the most common procedure for having an abortion, quite risky for communities where Abortion is illegal as doctors are not provided with updated ways and material as to carry out a safe operation, they instead have to lean on old methods and materials.
Many women after going through a D&C operation usually do not talk about their post-experience because of the stigma and unsupportive words and gestures received, some others withdraw from talking about it especially when it was after a very disheartening breakup, whatever the case may be, more women now more than ever before are suffering from Asherman’s Syndrome and even painfully so, they do not realize it early enough.
Asherman’s Syndrome is the formation of scar tissue in the uterine cavity developed after a rigorous uterine surgery (D&C). It is also the adhesions of the endometrium which causes amenorrhea meaning lack of menstrual periods, repeated miscarriages and infertility right after D&C procedure as this symptoms may also be experienced through other ailments.

Breaking it down for a simpler and lane man understanding, Asherman’s Syndrome is a condition experienced after D&C procedure, it happens when the walls of the uterus have been scraped and removed. These walls are called Endometrium and the scrapping of the walls and the scars from the scraping is called the Adhesion. When the walls of the womb have been scraped and removed, a woman can not see menstruation because the scrapping of the walls form scars that block the flow of menstruation and automatically she can not conceive hence a distorted circle…Sad Smiles.
For further understanding, imagine the womb as a small round ball, now the scraping and removing of the walls or layers of the ball will definitely deflate the ball making it flat, weak and ultimately ineffective in its use.

The Endometrium is the lining (wall) of the uterus and has 2 layers;
1. Functional Layer:- This is shed during menstruation.
2. Underlying Basal Layer:– This gives regeneration to the functional layer.
Any harm or trauma to the Basal Layer can lead to scarring that results in Adhesion.
This condition was first described in 1894 by Heinrich Fritsch and further characterized by Isreali gynecologist Joseph Asherman in 1948. And after every decade, there is an alarming increase of Asherman’s Syndrome. I refuse to scare you as to what the statistics speak on that. Research and leave your answers or views in the comments section below.
How To Identify Asherman’s Syndrome:
Asherman’s Syndrome is experienced after D&C and the next menstrual cycle after an abortion is the determinant of what may have happened after abortion.
If you have Asherman’s Syndrome, you will have intense and mind blowing pains from trapped blood, almost like it’s your period coming but then there will be no flow of blood because the cervix is blocked from the adhesion. This will happen exactly the time your period should arrive and last the number of days your period should normally come with few relieves in between morning and evening but the pains will be so heated that you would actually need to stay indoors for that time. Some people may find it worse or not so bad as described here but the symptoms are similar.
There is a funny twist to this though, the extent of the adhesion can be mild, moderate or severe and so after D&C procedure, many women with Asherman’s syndrome may still have their regular period and this misleads a lot of women suffering from the condition to think nothing went wrong after their procedure.
This is also how a lot of women suffer miscarriages or are unable to conceive. However there are several other factors that may cause miscarriage or infertility but since we are talking about Abortion today, let’s allow it pass for the purpose.
Another symptom of Asherman’s Syndrome after abortion is the decreased flow of blood and duration. Many women will rejoice at the sight of menstruation and see that as moving on from the painful experience of Abortion but Sweetheart, you have a condition that needs to be treated. There is a circle that cannot be broken, if there are no other medical issues such as Ovarian Cyst, no one should wake up and have decreased flow of menstruation and duration. I am yet to see who that happens to naturally.

It’s been quite intense here today right? but hey, there is the Happy Ending…Smiles. God is merciful enough that He allows the lining(walls) of the uterus to be rebuilt after trauma and damage has been done.
Indeed Asherman’s Syndrome can be treated once diagnosed and fertility will be restored by cutting and removing the adhesion or scars. The procedure for that is also done carefully to avoid creating new scars and worsening the situation. There are good and effective techniques for treating adhesion such as Hysteroscopy and mostly used are Balloons or Foley Catheter which is placed inside the womb allowing the uterus to be open while it heals of avoid reformation of adhesion and allowing the lining of the uterus to redevelop.
This is done depending on the guide of a gynecologist but usually lasts between 1-4weeks. Estrogen drugs will then be used by the patient to further develop the uterine lining and Anti-biotics will also be used to treat any infections.
I need not remind you that at this point of treatment, the woman needs to stay of sex so she can heal and be back to fertility form, but just in case we have readers that like to be told everything, well there you go, PLEASE STAY OFF SEX WHILE YOU GET TREATED.

As for who is responsible for a woman experiencing this and who should be more careful to ensure there is no unwanted pregnancy and all those fancy questions you like, I’ll let you answer them but remember, you are responsible to yourself.
The social effects, self esteem damage, pains, fear, money spent, time wasted and all those rather sad things all lie at your table when night falls. Sunrise is when you have learnt.
I implore everyone to read more on this subject area and all the big medical terminologies…LOL. I am not yet a doctor….smiles, what I have written is based on personal research but I have a good depth of facts put together. Please ask your doctors about what you have learnt, feel free to research even more than I have. The idea is not to write a good post but to pass great caution and knowledge.
You Are Beautiful and Strong, so Be All of You and Nothing Less.


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