20 Ways To Get Out Of That Rut You Have Been Stuck In

Even though its a new year, You hate to admit that You have been in sort of a funk; feeling very unmotivated, unproductive, and shamefully lazy. personally can’t seem to stay in good health, but I know this happens to everyone at some point or another, for various reasons.

Have you ever had that moment when you just don’t feel like yourself? Here are 20 ways to get you out of a rut when you’re feeling down and out. Try any of these to get back to your normal self.
1. Treat yourself to something you’ve wanted for a while
2. Don’t be afraid to cry when it hurts, go somewhere private and let it all go
3. Get a good workout in, the adrenaline will make you feel euphoric
4. Dance, at a club, alone, with friends, wherever, dance until you forget your problems temporarily
5. Read a book from your favorite genre
6. Have a girls/guys night, or a family game night, surround yourself with people that love you and know how to make you smile
7. Take a quick road trip to the nearest tourist attraction
8. Re-arrange furniture, and spice up your typical surroundings
9. Use a vacation day to do nothing but lay in bed all day and worry about nothing, or no one
10. Look through photos of good memories, seeing how happy you were will remind you of how good it feels to be worry free
11. Confide in your closest friend, that’s what they’re for after-all
12. De-clutter everything around you. Clean your bedroom, scrub your bathroom, sanitize your kitchen, and organize your desk. Eliminate any mess.
13. Make a list of all the things that are burdening you, or stressing you out, and come up with attainable resolutions to start working on
14. Use an off day to cross off any to-do’s you’ve been avoiding, or errands you need to run: fix the cabinets, go to the doctor etc.
15. Do something nice for someone else, big or small. Their happiness will be contagious
16. Social media has a way of distracting us with its over-sensationalized, and sometime unattainable images, go a day without being connected and comparing yourself to the rest of the world
17. Count your blessings. Things aren’t as bad as they seem
18. Get a massage to release your physical tension
19. Smile at every person you pass for a day, again, joy is contagious
20. Wake up earlier than you normally would to get a head start on your day, you’ll feel more productive and have more free time towards the end of the day

I’ve begun doing some of these, starting at one and working my way down, and I’ll tell you it’s been helping. We all get stuck sometimes, and need that extra push. Try some, or all of these to get yourself back on track; and remember, whatever you’re going through is only temporary.


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