20 Lies Nigerian Ladies Tell By Joro Olumofin


1⃣ I’m single & very happy , I don’t need no man to complete me
2⃣ I’m not Pregnant I’m on pills
3⃣ I don’t love you
4⃣ I’m not talking to anyone serious
5⃣ I’m talking to only you
6⃣ I don’t like him, he’s the last guy I’ll ever date
7⃣ I don’t date older men
8⃣ I don’t like yoruba boys , I like Igbo boys
9⃣ I’m out with my girls , vacay with my girls , my girl took my vacay pictures ? He’s just my friend or brother in the Lord or Uncle
1⃣1⃣ -I’m a virgin – I lost my Virginity riding a horse – I lost my virginity riding a bicycle
1⃣2⃣ -I’m on my period, I can’t have sex with you tonight. -I’m celibate
1⃣3⃣ you deserve someone much better . It’s not you its me
1⃣4⃣ I’m not like other girls
1⃣5⃣ Your money doesn’t matter to me

1⃣6⃣ I always have Orgasms with you
1⃣7⃣ you’re the best I have ever had
1⃣8⃣I’m not the jealous type at all
1⃣9⃣Network problems I couldn’t hear you properly, my battery was low
2⃣0⃣lets be good friends
2⃣1⃣I’ll be ready in a few minutes
Tag someone who can tell lies like this and contribute more lies ladies tell.

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