Top Marriage Proposal Ideas For The Festives; The Unique And Romantic Way

So you think you’ve found the right girl huh. Planning for a wedding? Hey, did you propose yet?

Proposing to your girl friend is the hardest thing in this world. It needs a lot of planning, thoughts and understanding to create a perfect idea. Even these ideas differ from person to person depending on their mood and taste of lifestyle. There are lots of marriage proposal ideas out there, but planning it in a unique and beautiful way takes a personal touch.

The best way to propose to your special someone is by planning special activities for the rest of the day and keeping the marriage proposal as your main event or finale to a series of blissful moments. That’s why a proposal is never easy.

So if you’re sure you’re going to spend the rest of your life with this special girl, why bother rushing things up? Below are few ways of an effective and romantic wedding proposals that will surely make her burst into a “yes”.

Marriage Proposal Ideas

* Romantic Dinner

Proposing during a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant can be very romantic but they are way too common and aren’t certainly creative enough. Many women out there dream about the day their partner will propose to them and hoping that it will be the day that they will absolutely find it perfect and sweetest in every way. Still lots of women, find this kind of proposal very effective.

* Private Or Public Proposal

If your girl is a private person, then plan the day which both of you can spend time the romantic way by yourselves, and make sure it’s just the both of you when you kneel in front of her while opening the box of ring. Take some rose petals and scatter or surround them in her apartment and have it spelled “Will You Marry Me”. To tell you, your special someone is going to absolutely love this. Open a chilled bottle of champagne after the proposal. On the other hand, if she’s the type who loves the attention of public or prefer a more fun day, plan an activity that would end with a karaoke club followed by a romantic proposal or one where all your friends are around to share and hear about your special announcement..

* Beach

–If by any chance you can spend time together at the beach near or close to where you live at, take her there right before the sun sets. Enjoy the nice view with soft music inside the car or near the seashore. Wait for the right moment and when the sun sets take out the ring and you can now propose to her.
–Planning to go to the beach can be a perfect setting for a cool proposals. A message in a bottle for instance is a great way to propose marriage. All you need to do is get an empty bottle and have someone to set it up for you. As you walk together on the beach, wait for her to find or notice the bottle. When she stops to grab it, just pretend you’re puzzled and ask her to open it. After she read the letter, get down on your knee and ask her your proposal.

If you think a beach is romantic way to propose, how about an exciting underwater proposal? If you and your special someone are fond of adventures, then this would be the righ time . Dive together into many colorful sea world under. Take pictures together and upon reaching the beautiful spot, bring out the ring carefully in front of your girl and get the banner or placard asking her the question. Proposing marriage to your special one in this unique and creative way while letting the sea creatures witness this special moment is surely one perfect and unforgettable rejoice in your happiness. What are you waiting for, plan ahead and go scuba diving together and pop her the question. The expression underwater can’t be heard but seeing the smile on her face would surely bring you the assurance you’ve been waiting for.

* Festival Fireworks Display

Proposing during fireworks display of your own or a big event of public fireworks display is one great way to propose. If you have the amount of bucks, you can have a customized display created just for the special moment. On the other way around, just spend time together during the festives, have some fun and when the fireworks pops out, while watching together, this will be the great timing to put out the ring and kneel down.

* Airport

She probably won’t be expecting this kind of proposal and this surely make her surprised. Have her friends meet with you at the airport.

Give them each a board or customized paper and have it written with the words “will you marry”. Let the boards be ample and bold enough to be visibly read from far. You on the other hand, will be carrying the last board which says “me”. This will surely surprise her and may answer your question into “yes”.

Why not go back to the place where the two of you first met? Remind her of how both of you exchange names and your first visit there, and the exchanges of vows that you love each other and how both of you are willing to be their boyfriend or girlfriends. Wait for a few moments, have someone to play sweet music, dance together and then take out the ring, get down on your knee, and ask her to marry you. Always choose a place that has a lot of memories for both of you.

In love, always remember that everyday is a special day. If you think your girlfriend is the kind who treasures every special moment together or if your girl is the one who would treasure each day without actually paying attention to a few special days whatever it is you know your partner best and you have to plan for your next strategy on proposing.

While it’s so true that love doesn’t need any expensive bells and whistles. Just bring out the creativity in you and be romantic as possible. Give her a romantic story she can ever share and tell with her friends and your future children. So what are you waiting for, stand up and go get her!


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