The Many Evils Of Office Romance

While romantic relationship in the workplace is not necessarily a bad thing, the fact that it has a lot of downsides to it should not be de-emphasized.

People are quick to sight examples of Barack and Michelle Obama and, Bill and Melinda Gates as couples who met in the workplace and have stayed strong but will rather shy away from the many thousands, if not millions of workplace affairs that ended as disasters. The latter is unarguably the most prevalent.

In this piece, I will highlight a few of the many ills of workplace romance:


Two executives having conversation over cubicle wall, side view


This is the most basic and I like to call it ‘the fire play.

Although some unrepentant perverts may disagree, having a workplace affair with someone else’s spouse regardless of whether both parties consent or not, is a disaster soon to happen.

This is perhaps the fastest route to unemployment or death; the latter being the more likely.

Whatever you do , don’t !

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