Love Your Enemies

Text: Matt 5:43-48

The reason why God wants you to love your enemies is because he wants to make it easy for you to love your friends and family. To be like God, you need to love your enemies.
An enemy is defined as someone who oppresses you or who feels hatred towards you and someone who opposes an idea or cause you stand for. From the latter definition, anyone can be your enemy.
You do not need God or the Holy Spirit to love someone who is good to you, you need them to love the unlovable and that is the reason Jesus came. The test of true love is the love for your enemies.
If you are a Christian, you should not have the capacity to keep malice as one of the greatest miracles is the ability to love someone who wronged you.
Our major assignment as Christians is to love someone who least deserves it.

This means anticipating hurts and preparing your mind to be proactive rather than reactive. John 2:24; Matt 8:10
Every time you choose unforgiveness, you set yourself up for destruction because forgiveness is for your good. Matt 18.32

If you choose to live by reality or facts of life, you cannot truly love. People are designed imperfectly by God and they will continue to be imperfect. Their imperfections are your opportunities.

This is an optimistic attitude of the mind based on an expectation of a positive action. If you lose hope, you would not see any reason to be alive.

The difference between hope & faith is that hope is based on a positive expectation that things will work well while faith is based on God’s word (Prov. 23.18). Hope makes you dream of a better tomorrow while faith makes it a reality.

When you love, you will give! Giving is the act of letting various things go out of you to other people; love makes you a giver of time, ideas and resources.

A. We think giving must be natural.
Giving is a spiritual principle hence it will not be easy for your body and mind to understand it. Humans by nature prefer receiving to giving but if we train ourselves to hear about whom to give to, we will more than likely hear who our benefactors are.

B. When you think we must have extra before we give.
God expects us to give irrespective of quantity. Always desire to be the one available to God to be used as a channel of blessing.

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