Ketu Boxing Day Tragedy:How Trigger-Happy Policeman Murdered My Children- Mother

Narrates last conversation with deceased children
* We’ll investigate deceased killer cop—CP
By Evelyn Usman
Lagos—Mrs Beatrice Oyesunle, the 75-year-old mother of the twin brothers who were shot to death by a drunk Mobile Police Sergeant, weekend, alongside their friend, in Ketu area of Lagos, yesterday said the death of her only surviving children had crumbled her world.
This is just as one of the children, Taiwo Oyesunle, was discovered to be a Naval personnel attached to the Nigerian Navy Ship Wey, Satelite.
Taiwo, with his identical twin brother, Kehinde (34) and their friend, identified simply as Jeje were said to have gone to Paulson hotel, on Anibaba Street to book for a room for the latter’s girlfriend who would be returning to the country Saturday night.

Mrs. Beatrice Oyesunle, the 75-year-old mother of the deceased twin brothers.

On reaching the hotel, they were reportedly accosted by a gun wielding Mobile pliceman, Sergeant Stephen James, attached to MOPOL 22, Ikeja, who demanded for a bottle of beer.
Vanguard gathered that one of the guests told the visitors not to buy any alcoholic drink for him (policeman) as he had already taken three bottles of beer and a local drink popularly called Alomo bitters.
But James with Force number 217884 was said to have threatened to shoot them if they refused to do his bidding. The guests according to eye witnesses, cautioned him to comport himself in a manner befitting of a responsible security agency, unknown to them that they had incurred Sergeant James’ wrath.
Report had it that while the trio were leaving the premises, Sergeant James corked his riffle and opened fire first at Jeje, who was celebrating his birthday same day, in his right rib and elbow, killing him on the spot.
Sensing all was not well, eye witnesses told Vanguard yesterday that Taiwo who was clad in an ash shirt and navy blue trousers, attempted to flee the scene, only to be dragged back on his collar by the trigger happy cop who shot in his head, killing him also on the spot.
At this point, eye witnesses further said that Kehinde stood, pleading with the policeman to spare his life. But before he could finish the statement, a bullet from Sergeant James plunged his left ribs, causing him to fall. Another bullet was reportedly lodged in his buttocks by James.
Thereafter, Sergeant James was said to have knelt down and shot himself in the chest, with the bullet launching out from his back.
Double tragedy
Speaking with Vanguard the deceased twin brother 75-year-old mother, Mrs Beatrice Oyesunle, described the demise of her children as a double tragedy for her.
The first time fate dealt her a cruel blow was reportedly six months ago, following the death of her husband. While smarting from that, news of her only surviving children’s death followed.
Finding it difficult to believe what has happened , mama , as she is fondly called asked rhetorically, “where are my twins and my only source of survival ? Where do I start from? Who do I run to? Are you sure they are dead?”

The hotel where the act took place.

At a point, her speech were no longer coherent, thereby causing her to be placed on sedative, which put her to sleep.
After six hours of rest, she woke and spoke with this reporter, saying: “when I lost my husband six months ago, they (children) told me they would take his place by ensuring I lacked nothing,even if it meant them going hungry. They kept to their words by giving me money on monthly basis .
The last time I set my eyes on them was on Christmas day,when they came visiting. They brought a live brawler and promised to come with money with which I would celebrate the new year. I never knew that day would not come”.
Continuing, she said: “While in church on Saturday, my children called me on my mobile phone. But I could not pick . After the church service , I dialled their lines severally without response. I never suspected anything cruel had befallen them, until my child hood friend called, and requested that I should rush down to her place to settle a score between Taiwo and his fiance. But to my shock when I got here , they broke the most devastating news of my entire 75 years to me.
“My only hope for survival are gone. The children that brought me solace are gone. They were my eyes, my everything. They promised to build me a house for me, so that I would not die as a tenant in Lagos . All those tall dreams have gone down the drain. Where do I start from at this age? Who will call me mummy ? The only children I have in heaven and earth are gone. Ah! Aye mi o”she exclaimed in Yoruba language.
How we survived being shot —Eye witnesses
Some guests at the hotel who spoke to Vanguard on condition of anonymity disclosed that they escaped death by the whiskers during the shooting spree by the deceased cop.
One of them said: “Before shooting himself, he had threatened to kill up to thirty persons. After shooting the three men, he pointed the gun at my direction bragging that he had made do his threat. I thought I was also going to end 2015 like others on the ground. I closed my eyes, anticipating the worst to happen. Then, all of a sudden, I heard a gun shot and concluded all had ended, only to open my eyes to discover he shot himself.”
Another resident who gave his name simply as EBA said “I escaped being shot by the MOPOL in August. I am a plumber. I went to work in a building by the the hotel. When he saw me he asked what I was going to do there. Before I could respond, he corked his riffle and threatened to shoot me. It was the hotel manager that calmed him down. Since then, I have not been there until Saturday when I heard he finally made do his threat.”
Some of the residents suspected that the deceased cop was on an illegal duty at the hotel, as they claimed he had been there for over two years,without any policeman taking over for him. They also blamed the hotel manager for the calamity that befell mama, saying, had he reported the misconduct of the deceased policeman to the appropriate quarters, the tragedy would have been averted.
When Vanguard arrived 3 Dairo Street, where the deceased twin brothers and their late friend, Jeje, shared a room apartment respectively, their doors were still under lock and key. The clothes they hung on the line that fateful day were later brought in by one of their neighbours.
CP visits scene
Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Mr Tunde Owoseni who visited scene of the shooting, described the incident as devastating.
The visibly saddened command boss said: “The IGP is also saddened by this incident. All what he (policeman) did negates the stands of the IGP that we should respect sanctity of life and that we should perform our duty with the observance of the rule of law and observe and respect the rights of the citizens.

We will investigate the matter to know whether he was posted here or not. By the time we put the pieces and bits of everything together, we will know the reason for his presence here. I have meant with the family,” he said.
Asked if there was any plan to compensate the bereaved family, he simply responded “that will be too hasty.”

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